At the tournament

For anyone looking to purchase some new disc golf gear, tournament sponsor Discology will be bringing along a wide range of disc golf equipment for sale.
(Discology is the exclusive retailer for this year’s tournament.)

Fundraiser discs

There are three limited edition custom printed golf discs available for this year’s Two Heads Open presented by Discology. All the discs are $20 each and these sales go towards supporting the tournament and funding a number of upgrades on the course.


The discs are:

  • Latitude 64 Havoc Gold Line
  • Latitude 64 River Gold Line
  • Latitude 64 Fuse Gold Line

The design is the same on all three discs – featuring Sandy Eaglebird in glorious full colour.

Ordering discs

To get your hands on these discs you’ll need to pay attention. Please read carefully…

  • The closing date for ordering and purchasing any of these three discs is 16th February. After this date there is no guarantee these discs will still be available.
  • To purchase any of these discs go to the events section of the Discology online shop. You can choose mail order or to pick them up at the Two Heads Open. Credit card and bank transfer payments accepted.
  • Anyone who registers and pays for a Two Heads full tournament package BEFORE 16th February will receive a Latitude 64 Fuse Gold Line as part of their player pack.
  • If you have any questions, please drop us an email.